Hi, I am Katelyn Brockmiller. I am a Registered Dietitian and Group Exercise instructor who wants to help you live your best life. Living with Katelyn Brockmiller is an area where I can share my favorite recipes, products, and healthy living tips to help you along your journey. Find out more about me and stay a while!

Fueling for Exercise

Did you know your choice of fuel matters before and after each workout? I always hear people decreasing their carbohydrates when they start to increase exercise. To increase performance limiting your carbohydrates is not ideal. We need carbohydrates for fuel, but we need to choose the right carbohydrate for the job! Simple carbohydrates (bagel, sports… Continue reading Fueling for Exercise

Increase Your Vegetable Intake

I get asked ALL the time, “How do I increase my vegetable intake?” I want to share some simple tips I have come up with throughout the years that are foolproof when it come to increasing your vegetable intake. What you will need: Variety of Frozen Vegetables- Get creative with this! Some of my favorite… Continue reading Increase Your Vegetable Intake

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