My Favorite Products at Trader Joe’s

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love Trader Joe’s! Before COVID you could find me at Trader Joe’s every Friday after work for the free wine tastings. Trust me free wine, makes grocery shopping a lot more fun! Now you can catch me at Trader Joe’s every Sunday to do my weekly grocery shopping.

There are several reasons why I love Trader Joe’s a lot. First, their attention to cleanliness throughout the pandemic. This has been huge! I truly feel safe shopping in their store. Secondly, they have fun exciting new products every season! You can never get bored shopping at Trader Joe’s. Every time I go, I find something new that I want to try. This week I found a new dip. Truly it is delicious! Lastly, I love the staff at Trader Joe’s. We have two stores fairly close together and both stores have wonderful staff.

Let’s talk about my favorite products from Trader Joe’s. I truly have a lot, but I will just share with you my everyday grabs.


!. Arugula- I love Trader Joe’s arugula due to the price ($1.99). Arugula is a great dark leafy green to add in salads. It is rich in calcium, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K. It has a bold flavor, but pairs well with fruit in salad such as strawberries or pomegranates.

2. Shredded Cabbage- I love again the price for the shredded cabbage ($1.99). This is great to use in recipes such as egg roll in a bowl or slaw for shredded chicken BBQ. I also, will add this on top of my salad for the week when I do not have a lot of time to chop veggies.

3. Delicate Squash- I love delicate squash roasted as an easy side to pair with my meals. It is super easy to cook and has a rich flavor. If you have never heart of delicate squash, it has great health benefits. Delicate squash is rich in potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin c, vitamin b, and magnesium. In my area this is hard to find in our standard grocery stores, so this is why it is on my favorite Trader Joe’s products.


  1. Gluten Free Bagels- These are located in the bread section of Trader Joe’s. I freeze them when I get home to preserve them. I love these gluten free bagels. They are rich in flavor and have a good texture. They are not flaky or crumbly which you find in gluten free products. I get the plain flavor until the fall comes around. In the fall I only buy the pumpkin gluten free bagels. They are seriously to die for!
  2. Cauliflower Gnocchi- This is my FAVORITE product at Trader Joe’s. I literally go through a bag a week! One way I enjoy preparing this product is to heat in microwave for 3 minutes transfer to my air fryer on the potato setting until golden brown. I will use them as tater tots, on top of a salad for croutons, in a pasta dish, or just eat them! If there was a product I would tell you run do not walk to Trader Joe’s to get it’s this! Take my word you will be hooked on these!
  3. Crushed Garlic- If you know me you know I love garlic. I go through so many bulbs of garlic every month. I love having frozen crushed garlic in my freezer for when I am in a rush an unable to peel and chop my garlic cloves. The package is compact so it will not take up a lot of freezer space!
  4. Chopped Peppers- I love adding bell peppers to almost everything. They are rich in vitamin C. Honestly, I do not always have time to chop four different color bell peppers for a dish. Also, buying multiple color bell peppers adds up in costs. I love how I am able to get all four colors peppers in this one bag pre-chopped. This bag will not break the budget either!

Dry Products

  1. Jalapeño Sauce- This is a newer product I discovered over the summer. I love everything jalapeños. This sauce is great on tacos, used as a marinade for chicken, as a hot sauce on food, and as a snack with chips. The only thing I would complain about this product is that it is very hard to open. I have gone through ten plus bottles and I always struggle to open it.
  2. Hot & Sweet Jalapeños- I do not want admit to how many jars of these I go through monthly. When I need a quick snack I just eat these by themselves. I also, put these on everything. Yes I mean everything! I will add them to my eggs in the morning, salad at lunch, and usually with my dinner too. I love the sweet and spicy flavor that these create.
  3. Lentils- Especially during the winter time when I am making a lot of soups I love Trader Joe’s lentils. The price is great for the size of the bag.

There are many more products from Trader Joe’s that I love. However, you would be here all day reading if I shared them all with you. I do suggest checking out their dip selection, cheese selection, and wine selection too. They have a great selection of products in these areas. Do not forget you will always find something new when you go to Trader Joe’s. Take the time to try it! If you do not like it the store will accept all returns no questions asked!

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