Top 10 Home Gym Equipment

My Top 10 Home Gym Equipment List

Have you always dreamed about creating your own home gym, but do not know where to start? I have been growing my dream home gym now for 10 years. I can suggest what equipment to get and what equipment to avoid. I have summed up below my top 10 must have pieces of equipment for building a home gym.

  1. TRX Home System 2$199.95 – My number 1 choice will always be a TRX training system. I love TRX training. 99% of the time while you are on the TRX your core is working. Plus your TRX can go wherever you go! You can hang your TRX on the back of your bedroom door or take it outside to your favorite park to train. This versatile piece of equipment is great for body weight training. You can do everything from HITT training, strength training, or even yoga.
  2. Resistance Loop Exercise Bands$8.95-For those limited on space and money add a set of resistance loop exercise bands to your gym. The band provides resistance to help strengthen those muscles. This is a safe and effective way to train.
  3. Bosu Ball $129.99– One of the oldest pieces of equipment is my Bosu Ball. Does your balance suck? Then you need this piece of equipment! Any age level can train on a Bosu Ball. You can get a great HITT training workout on this piece of equipment. Followed up with the perfect pilates/yoga workout. I love how versatile this piece of equipment is.
  4. Dumbbells– prices varies on size and quantity- Dumbbells can be the perfect addition for those wanting to focus on strength training. One key thing though you need to think about before getting dumbbells is storage. If you do not have a ton of space I would avoid dumbbells. I did not get my first set until recently due to space.
  5. Jump Rope$14.99 – Jump Rope is always a great cheap cardio piece of equipment. Get that heart pumping with simply turning that rope. I love jump roping because it can be done anywhere. Plus you can burn the same amount of calories as running in half the time!
  6. Lebert Equalizers $99.98– Have you ever wished you were still a kid playing on a playground? If so, the Lebert Equalizers are the exercise equipment that you need. Two bars that can be used to craft a fun balanced workout that is sure to make you sore.
  7. Medicine BallPrices varies on size – A medicine ball is just an overall versatile piece of equipment. If you have a bad day slam the medicine ball on the ground. If you want an abdominal workout do Russian twists. If you want cardio workout do toe taps on the ball. Overall, a great functional piece of equipment.
  8. Yoga Mat$34.98– Everyone needs a good yoga mat in their gym. I absolutely love Gaiam mats. They are the perfect thickness for all exercises. Plus add great pattern to any space.
  9. Gliding Discs$ 14.99– Gliding discs are the easiest piece of equipment to store. If you do not want to buy them, use plastic plates or towels instead. My favorite exercise using gliding discs are mountain climbers, this exercise gets the heart rate up while working out those abdominals.
  10. Trigger Point Foam Roller$17.99– My trigger point foam roller is something I cannot live without. Recovery is key to continued success in the gym. A good foam roller is a perfect investment to any workout routine.

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