Grocery Shopping 101

How do you make a grocery shopping trip successful? I have several tips to help you make your grocery store trips more successful.

  1. Plan your trip-
    1. Check the sale ads- This is very important when staying on budget. I believe this should be your first step when planning your trip. For example, if chicken breast are on sale than you are more likely to use chicken in at least 1 dish.
    2. Figure out what you are making- Do not wait until you are at the store to figure out what you are cooking for the week. This increases your probability of leaving something behind. If you know exactly what you are going to cook, you can also, check the pantry, fridge, and freezer for ingredients you might have on hand already.
    3. Make a list- A list helps you stay organized in the store, but also on budget. You are less likely to pick up something that is not on your list when you shop with a list. The one thing I would suggest is organize your list into departments. This helps save time when in the store. Click here for a free grocery list template
    4. Cut Coupons based on what you are buying this week. Some grocery stores offer digital coupons now. Check on their apps before going.

2. Grocery Store-

    1. Start where you grocery list begins- This helps you to stay on track during your trip. Also, helps you to be time efficient.
    2. Stay on task- Look at only things that are on your list. This helps to get you in and out of the grocery store quickly.
    3. Only get what you need- This helps you to stick to your budget and not buy more than what you need.

Hope that this takes the stress out of grocery shopping.

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