Keys to successful Meal Planning

What are we going to eat this week? This can be a stressful idea for many adults. However, there are simple techniques that can help make meal planning more of a breeze.

  1. Stocked Pantry– A pantry that has staple items can make even those busy weeks go smoothly. Here is my list of pantry essentials.
    1. Canned No Salt Added Vegetables
    2. Herbs and Spices
    3. Tomato Sauce
    4. Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, etc
    5. Soup Base- Low sodium or no salt added
    6. Canned Fish or Chicken
  2. Stocked Freezer– When you have a stocked freezer you can grab and go when needed.
    1. Variety of Frozen Vegetables
    2. Variety of Frozen Meats
    3. Variety of Frozen Fruit
    4. Frozen Garlic/Ginger/Onion
  3. Write Out a Plan- The more prepared you are the more likely you will cook your meals at home. Write out your plan at the beginning of the week.
  4. Make a Grocery List- The worst thing you could for meal planning is leave something at the grocery store you need. Write a grocery list to make sure you do not leave anything at the store. A grocery list also, helps you to stay on budget for the week.
  5. Stop overthinking Meal Planning- Remember the basics for a meal you want a carbohydrate, a protein, and a fat at every meal.
    1. Start with your protein-this is the building block of your meal
    2. Pick your starch- this helps you choose what vegetables to add in your meal
    3. Veggies Veggies Veggies- choose what vegetables will compliment your meal
    4. Pick a healthy Fat

For more meal planning tips check out my recipe reels on my Instagram!

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