Healthy Holiday Tips

A question I get asked in my private practice all the time is “How do I survive the holidays?” I got 3 simple tips that will make the holiday season just like every other day.

  1. Give yourself permission to eat: We tend to ban foods or label foods “bad.” This makes us think about this food more and can promote a binge to happen. Instead give yourself permission to eat all foods. This will help you prioritize foods that you enjoy without setting unrealistic boundaries.
  2. Do not graze at parties: We have all gone to a holiday party, stood by the food table and just grabbed items without being mindfully present. I promote my clients to always eat on a plate, bowl, or napkin to be mindful of what you are consuming. This will help you stick to all your health goals!
  3. Do not skip meals: I hear time and time again “I waited all day to eat because I knew I was going to a Christmas Party.” I always ask, “Well, how did that go for you?” Time and time again, my patients say well I had a lot to eat and felt overstuffed. Why is this? You mentally set yourself up to overeat. You tell yourself well “I haven’t eaten today, so it’s ok if I have an extra cookie.” That one cookie turns into 5. Instead eat balanced throughout the day. Have a balanced breakfast like 2 scrambled eggs w/ spinach, whole wheat toast, and 2 chicken sausages. For lunch, keep it simple with a salad with black beans, grilled chicken, and all your favorite veggies. Listen to your hunger cues throughout the day. This will keep you from overeating at the holiday gatherings.

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