Busy, Busy, Busy

Is your schedule packed? Do you struggle with making meals because you are busy? This post is for you. I have established a simple structure to make weekday meals simple!

  1. Kitchen Gadgets: My favorite question to ask new patients is “What kitchen gadgets do you have in your house?” Why? I want your kitchen gadgets work for you! Every week I do at least 1 recipe in my crockpot. This makes my life easy. I can walk away and do other activities while my food is cooking. I want you to take inventory of your kitchen gadgets right now. Pause and make a list! Let’s get your kitchen gadgets working for you!
  2. Meal Planning: I am not talking about let’s make a list of and get recipes for all the meals right now. I want you to think about how many breakfasts, lunch, and dinner you need this week in your household. I do this at the beginning before I ever think of recipes, grocery lists, and cook. Example: 2 people in my house; no travel for my husband, but one client lunch week Monday-Friday 5 breakfasts-x2 people, lunch- 5 lunch (me) & 4 lunches (husband), 5 dinners x2 people. This helps me to start thinking about recipe design with my kitchen gadgets!
  3. 1 meal at a time: I only focus on 1 meal at a time when I start to plan. I always start with what I think is the easiest meal breakfast. For me I eat the same thing everyday this is easy for me. I usually do egg muffins- chicken sausage, frozen bell peppers, and frozen spinach + 1/2 cup black beans + 1 gluten free pita toast. Now my husband where I give him flexibility. I usually make him egg muffins too to make life easier. However, lately I have done frozen waffles + chicken sausage. I am making the chicken sausage for my egg muffins so this is makes my life easier. Once you have that first meal planned you can move on to the next meal. You follow this process for each meal until your week is planned.
  4. Grocery list: Ya’ll we spend way too much time going to the grocery store during the week. I would know I go to 3 a week to get everything I need. I am very good at only going 1x a week. However, a lot of my clients go multiple times a week. If you make a successful grocery list you can prevent the daily trips to the grocery store, which will save you time in the long run.
  5. Meal Prep/Organize: I am a meal prep girl. However, I know a lot of people this is a step that is too overwhelming for them. I want you to organize your food the way that will make you the most successful for the week. Maybe it is making just 1 dinner when you get home from the grocery store. Maybe it is putting the fruits and vegetables in eye sight in the fridge. Whatever this looks like I want you to adapt this to your personal needs to success happen.

If you are still struggling and want to work with a dietitian click here

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